This Sneaker Designer Swapped Logos on the adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Roshe One

A custom sneaker designer swapped logos on the adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Roshe One.

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When it comes to sneaker customizing, anything is possible – whether it be dipping a sneaker in gold, slapping a Nike Swoosh on a pair of Yeezys, or combining two pairs of sneakers from the same brand together.

Inspired by Kanye West's lyrics on the song "Facts," Los Angeles based custom sneaker designer @k_o.brand_kickasso, reworked the adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Roshe One with opposite branding to spark the conversation of which brand is better. He took to Instagram, with the caption, "Facts? What's your take on what Kanye said? This should be interesting."

Each sneaker uses a white colorway and has a blood splatter-style design. The Ultra Boost is cageless and has no laces, essentially making it a slip-on. 

While each shoe may or may not look better than its original form, they are definitely interesting designs on the two biggest sportswear giant's most popular silhouettes.