The adidas Ultra Boost was one of the most celebrated releases of last year and garnered the top spot in our Best Sneakers of 2015 compilation. 

With its sleek style, unparalleled comfort, and the help of Kanye West,  the Ultra Boost has quickly developed a loyal following. For the upcoming Beijing and Taipei marathons, both of which adidas sponsors, Chinese artist Lee Chun created three unique versions of the lauded runner which includes an eye-catching gold-dipped edition and two ceramic versions which, according to Kenlu, has been dubbed "Chengfengpolang" and "Taipei 101" respectively.

The Chengfengpolang highlights Jingdezhen - a city known for its ceramic and porcelain work - and features blue waves along with pastel colored patterns. The Taipei 101 pays tribute to the skyscraper in city which once held the title of tallest building in the world before being supplanted by Dubai's Burj Khalifa in 2010. Housed in the Taipei 101 building is a gold tuned damper, a device used to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations according to Wikipedia,  which is communicated in the shoe's golden touches. In addition, green elements contrasts the gold and represents fresh bamboo shoots which is a symbol of virtue in Chinese culture.

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