Nike’s SB line launched in 2002 as the brand’s skateboarding offshoot under the wings of footwear veteran Sandy Bodecker and grew up to become the darling of the next decade. The shoe that made it all happen was the Nike SB Dunk. The brand added a fat tongue, a Zoom insole, and elastic on the tongue, as well as wonky colorways and obscure inspirations to the shoes. But that wasn’t the only SB sneaker. The early days of the brand saw shoes such as the Angus, E-Cue, and URL ride along with the Dunk, as well as reimagined versions of retros like the Blazer, Air Trainer 1, and more. There have also been signature shoes given to skaters and models launched through projects with Supreme. With all the talk around Nike SB’s resurgence these days, what are the other models in the brand’s history that need to be discussed? These are them.