18montrose has stepped out to grab a bite at BAO bar with co-founder Erchen Chang to put the new Nike React Vision to the test. 

BAO Bar first graced the streets of London in 2013, a time when the Nike Roshe Run was at its peak, leading the pack as the go-to comfort-driven silhouette. At the time, the bar's staple Taiwanese Gua baos were somewhat of a rarity in the city, but in seven years they have become a culinary mainstay, the same cannot be said for the Roshe however. In celebration of seven years of innovation and growth, 18montrose linked up with BAO Bar co-founder Erchen Chang to talk about food, art, taste and perfectionism while strapped into the new React Vision. 

Take a look at a selection of images from the 18montrose x BAO x Nike: [react] vision, creativity and taste with Erchen Chang editorial below, and check out the full story at 18montrose.com.

All Images via 18Montrose






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