The NBA made its long-awaited return only a few weeks ago and has already provided fans with the buzzer beaters, scuffles, memes, and superstar performances they had been yearning for during the offseason. The new-look Los Angeles Lakers are dominating thus far as expected with the duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat sit atop the Eastern Conference at 5-1, and plenty of perennial All-Stars like Kyrie Irving and James Harden have already put up insane point totals in the roughly two short weeks the Association has been back. 

We care about a little bit more than just wins, losses, and statistics when we watch the NBA. The sneakers laced up on a nightly basis are just as important. Even the pregame footwear choices matter now. It's become a subgenre all its own, and there are a handful of things to make sure you are honing in on as you watch all of the NBA action this season. 

Whether you are laser-focused on PJ Tucker's feet to see what he will break out next, wondering when if the Yeezy Quantum will finally debut on the hardwood, or eagerly anticipating Nike's LeBron Watch to start back up with the LeBron 17, here are some of the biggest sneaker storylines of the 2019-20 NBA regular season. 

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