Sneakerheads and gamers have a lot in common, they’re both addicted to a culture that is as time-consuming as it is expensive and both their industries are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, innovation and design. So it makes sense that Vans and Nintendo, two brands who are highly regarded in their respective industries, have linked up for this pretty unique collaboration.

Vans may be the model but let’s be honest it’s all about Nintendo’s input here — who can honestly say that they’ve never played a Super Mario game? If you do happen to be one of those people, all we can say is that you’ve missed out on life. The pack itself is a trip down memory lane, graphic patterns from Nintendo’s NES era are used to great effect on classic Vans silhouettes like the Sk8-Hi, Classic Slip-On, and the 106 Vulcanized. Additionally the pink Vans Authentic features a modern day graphic pattern of Princess Peach.

The pack extends itself to the Vans’ apparel and accessories selection as well, applying numerous 8-bit designs from some classic NES games like Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros.

The Nintendo x Vans pack will be dropping on June 3 at select retailers including the Vans webstore. Scroll down to the gallery for a look at the collection.

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