If you thought that Yeezys were the only hyped up sneakers from adidas, well, think again. First released back in December 2015, the adidas NMD has amassed a significant amount of hype in only four months. Earlier this week the Three Stripes launched a plethora of NMDs and people went crazy. In addition to people camping overnight in Liverpool, UK and madness in Bangkok, Thailand, an all-out frenzy occurred in Taiwan.

In a video published by Taiwanese news outlet EBC, a massive amount of people can be seen not so peacefully gathered outside of a mall. The rowdy consumers then swarmed into the mall, trampling those who fell in the scuffle.

While international releases are usually a bit more calm and civilized compared to the unfortunate violence over sneakers in the U.S., that wasn't the case with the adidas NMD. It wouldn't come as a surprise if retailers started doing tickets and raffles for these kicks in the future. Check out the video here.

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