Last week, Manny Pacquiao – who is currently a Senate candidate in the Philippines – came under fire after making highly offensive anti-gay remarks. Despite posting a few apology videos, more than likely drafted by his PR team rather than coming from the heart, Nike dropped the pro boxer from its roster of athletes. Pacquiao said he respects Nike's decision to drop him and even continued to wear the brand, but some of his fans aren't taking the situation as calmly as he is. 

According to Cebu Daily News, supporters of Pacquiao gathered in the parking lot of Cebu Coliseum in the Philippines where a pile of Nike sneakers were burned.

"Burn the Nike sole for my soul," said one man before placing the last pair of sneakers into the pile and lighting it on fire, while ironically wearing socks and flip flops. 

Captured on camera by Oriel Ballano, the video quickly went viral with more than 556,000 views on Facebook.

The crowd yelled in unison, "We support Manny Pacquiao," and clapped as the pile of sneakers burned.

While everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions, spreading hate and negativity is uncalled for. Still, the man irrationally justified the action. "But again we love all the gays, all the lesbians but we don’t like their agenda," he said. "Love and righteousness, love and righteousness and we show support to righteousness by burning these."

Watch the full video here.