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You'd be hard-pressed to find a more significant piece of sneaker history up for auction than the one you're about to see. 

Currently up for grabs via Goldin Auctions is a contract from 1977 between Nike (then Blue Ribbon Sports) and NBA Hall of Fame shooting guard George "The Iceman" Gervin. While it's not quite Nike's first NBA endorsement — that would've actually been its deal with 1971 Rookie of the Year Geoff Petrie​ — it's a true piece of sneaker history nonetheless.

Although the specifics of the 12-page contract are hardly riveting and don't seem to differ much from the guidelines that Nike might impose on its players in 2015, it's nonetheless interesting and provides a rare glimpse at the brand's endorsement strategy long before the days of Air Jordans. 

The coolest part? That'd have to be Phil Knight's signature, which he actually signed "Phillip" and appears three times throughout the document. Check out the details below and head over to Goldin Auctions now to try your luck at owning a piece of history.