Last October saw another successful Crepe City event take place at the Truman Brewery in London and, as always, the UK's sneakerheads were out in full force.

The beauty of Crepe City is that it isn't just about buying some rare deadstock trainers, getting some heat that you might have missed out on, or finally getting your hands on those 'grails' you were after for five yearsalthough that is the main reason why you'd be there. It's also one of those rare occasions when the ever-growing sneaker community gets to catch up and kick it with one another, like a meeting of the minds. Basically, it's like Comic-Con, but instead of the cosplay you have some of London's finest (and not forgetting outside of the capital) dipped head-to-toe in some of the freshest gear you'll ever see. Also, it's the perfect opportunity to just generally stare at people's kicks in the hopes they can say "Whaaaat are thoooose!!!" to some unsuspecting mortal.

For those that missed out this yearor those that simply want to relieve it—Complex were there, amongst some of the hypest sneaker stalls, to bring you some nice visual treats and unexpected moments from the last month's event.

Photography: Elliot Simpson