There are few larger signs of disrespect then to question a man for what he's wearing. For sneakerheads, that means their footwear choice of the day. In a viral Instagram that was posted two weeks ago, user youngbusco asks a police officer, "What are those?" while panning to his clunky, black work boots.

The Internet had a field day with this new pop-cultural phrase, and applied it to wearers of flagrant shoes across the board. From those in flip-flops with socks to lame dress shoes, no one was spared.

Fetty Wap's music was remixed to the tune of shame:

The Vine spread to Korea, too:

Even Arthur wasn't spared from humiliation:

This is what happens when you wear sandals with a suit:

Some guy in Jordan Futures thought it would be funny to clown someone wearing Nike Air Max Nomos. Maybe he doesn't know anything about sneakers:

Forrest Gump has one of the most significant sneaker scenes in history, but now it too is part of this meme:

Destiny's Child wants to know as well:

Don't wear "Jesus sandals" to church unless you want this reaction:

Even Kendrick Lamar wants to know:



So here, take it how you will. Go around and tell your friends they're wearing something lame by asking, "What are those?" We're still waiting for someone, anyone, to reply.