A lot of sneaker news happens each day, so it's hard to sift through all of it and shake out the clutter. Your Twitter feed is likely full of Air Jordans releases dates and sneakers on sale, but what's paying attention to? Beyond that, there are daily industry rumbles that may affect the athletic footwear world as a whole. Oh, and memes, Vines, and other shenanigans, too. Here's what you need to know.

adidas Is Letting People Buy Sneakers Straight From Twitter

"Last summer, Twitter rolled out a new feature known as Collections that allowed brands to sell their products through an integrated shopping page and today, the rebranded "Buy Now" platform welcomes adidas to the fold." 

Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight Doesn't Regret Taking Shots at Reebok

"That's kind of the nature of the business, is that there are winners and losers," Knight said. "When Reebok went by us (in sales), we had to let go of 280 people and it was a painful experience. And our job was to go back by them and the result of that was they would have to let some people go. It made perfect sense to me and still does."

Michael Jordan Once Met With adidas About leaving Nike

"According to Vaccaro, he and Michael attended a meeting with adidas around 1988 regarding the possibility of Jordan jumping ship. "Michael's more important to me than Nike because I always felt that I brought Michael there," Vaccaro said, admitting that it was a rather awkward situation."

These Air Jordan XIIIs for Chris Paul Are Actually Releasing

"It's official — you're not going to be able to get your hands on those dope friends and family exclusive "Green Suede" Jordan CP3 IXs, but there's still something special on the way for fans of eight-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul."

A Nike Designer Explains How He Got His Job

"Franke, who works in a role that creates colorways for the Western European consumer, said, "I did a study in multimedia arts and graphic design. Other people have a product design background. I think it's helpful. Then you have to create connections. Then you have to look for a job and create a nice portfolio. I was also lucky that I got an apprenticeship back in the day in the industry. Through that I could learn, show, and prove my talents through the colorways I did, through the stories I told. Now I'm here."

Digital Deadstock: How Sneakers End Up in Video Games

"But don't take it from us. We spoke with NBA Live 16 designer Ryan Santos, and 2K Games senior producer Rob Jones, who both gave us the inside scoop on how these competing companies have been able to capture the essence of footwear's rich visual history."

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