Although it's not been officially communicated, Concepts and New Balance took inspiration from a French luxury brand for an all-orange pair of 997s, and the theme was expressed superbly. This got us thinking: New Balance is the retro running world's version of a high-end brand. The sneakers can range upwards of $400, and that's due to them either being Made in USA or Made in England. Materials such as Horween leather and pigskin suede are used to boost the quality on the products, too. So what if high-end brands took on the 997 and made it their own, what would it look like?

Would a Gucci x New Balance work? How about a brand such as Versace? To find out, check out What If Your Favorite Luxury Brands Collaborated With New Balance?

Brett Dalzell is a graphic designer at Complex. You can follow him on Instagram here.

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