Sneaker collaborations are what keep sneaker culture moving forward. They're not the most important element of sneaker design, but they serve a purpose of pushing the envelope when it comes to how a sneaker can look. They're also usually super limited and cause pandemonium amongst sneaker collectors and the people who want the sneakers.

Some sneaker collabs represent ideas and concepts, and others are just a great chance for a shop to put its stamp on something that its always wanted to create. There are masters to this game: Concepts, Ronnie Fieg, Undefeated, and Sneakersnstuff, but there are also style brands that want to breathe their ethos onto a sneaker silhouette. And rappers love to design sneakers, too.

There are so many collabs that it's tough to pick out the best, but here's what a successful collaboration should accomplish: It puts out that's unlike anything else on the market, and influences others to follow suit. And they sell out within the blink of an eye. Here are The 25 Best Sneaker Collaborations of 2013.

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