As sneakerheads, the only thing we care about more than what sneakers are coming out soon is which ones are coming out months from now. Our mental calendar already knows what’s coming up next and our plan to get them begins to take form. But there is something that sneakerheads never think about: skipping a release. It’s one of those things sneakerheads never even speak about because it's too taboo. But there are legitimate reasons why you should pass on a release other than you can't make it to the store on time.

Maybe you don't have enough money or your size isn't available. Either way, you need to go home empty-handed, or don't go to the store at all. It won't ruin your day. OK, maybe it will, but you'll quickly get over it. Trust us, you'll be fine. After all there's always more sneakers coming. Here's Why You Should Pass on a Sneaker Release.

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