Sneakers are mainstream. No matter how much of an individual you are based on your sneaker choices, there are tons of us now. Because of all the new 'heads that are constantly going after new releases, it can make for a lot of frustration for the sneakerheads who only try to get their hands on sneakers they like. With today being "Moment of Frustration Day" (yeah, we didn't belive it either), we decided to reflect on some of the most frustrating and heartbreaking releases of the year. Chances are, you tried to get at least one of these sneaker releases and came up empty-handed, salty, frustrated, or suicidal. Though, if you really take it that seriously, you probably need to chill. Maybe even see a shrink. It's OK, it's something everyone goes through. But before you go, check out 15 of the Most Frustrating Sneaker Releases This Year (So Far).

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