Drake is a rapper who elicits reactions out of people, and we're not even discussing his music. Every move that the Toronto artist makes is under scrutiny by the onslaught of critics. Yes, we're talking about what Drake wears, and more specifically, his sneakers. Some might say he's not a sneakerhead, that he's too flashy, and seems like a rookie when it comes to showing off his newly acquired heat. But we're here to play devil's advocate.

To be honest, who else do you know that wears Air Jordans that are friends and family only, sneakers that you'll never get seeded because they haven't been in production for 10-plus years, or has a new pair of footwear on every time you see them? That's right, sneakerheads. And we're here to tell you that Drake should be considered amongst the connoisseurs of sole; those who have an insatiable itch to lace up something better every day. That's right, Drake has heaters and we're not just talking about Nothing Was the Same. Here are 10 Reasons Why Drake Is a Sneakerhead.

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