There are two types of people getting ready to read this—'90s babies who grew up on nasty-ass Pizza Hut pizza and T.G.I.F. shows every week and there are the 2000s children who have no idea what the hell we're talking about. If you are the latter, let us catch you up quickBoy Meets World was a show that defined teenage suburbia and a style of television that died as its viewers went off to college and traded in the Matthews for Jackass. Why is it relevant now? After it was announced that a new show was in the works around Cory and Topanga's children, we decided it was time to revisit the original to get you familiar before the new series drops later this year. Besides touching on trendy hot-topics in teenage life, the show was a staple for trends and what would trends be without the sneakers? Grab your lunch, ignore your friends and co-workers and dive back into one of the  greatest shows of a generation and check out The Complete Sneaker History of Boy Meets World

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