The Art and Science of Super Natural Motion is a new interactive experience that is hosted by the Nike Stadium Milano. Cutting-edge digital artists Universal Everything, Daniel Widrig and Davide Quayola and Natari Sinigaglia take the creative innovations of Nike’s Free and Flyknit technology to create an interpretation of the body in motion in a 3D environment.

UK-Based Universal Everything created a 3D interactive cube that allows the viewer to use their body to manipulate a conglomerate of colors. The Art and Science of Fit is what this experience is called, which is shown in the video. The Art of Science and Flex, however has taken an altered approach using the vision of Daniel Widrig and the two collaborators, Quayola + Sinigaglia.

David produced an elaborate animation taking multiple snapshots of a complex geometric object moving through a 3D space; creating movement and flexibility in unexpected ways. And the two collaborators use a time based digital sculpture, combining a mixture of sounds and visuals, to create a display a transformation that continually evolves; just like the body does.

The exhibition is set to travel to Tokyo, London and New York until October 2013 so we can all enjoy this awe-inspiring experience. Enjoy the images below.