As 2012 comes to close, Sneaker Report takes a moment to look back at our lessons learned, whether your fitness goal is to 

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No. 10 - There are Some Places You Shouldn’t be Running

The 10 Most Dangerous Running Trails in the USA

We all fantasize about running in a tropical paradise or at the top of the Grand Canyon, but sometimes, even the best performance sneakers can't keep prevent hazardous conditions. Taking any precautions necessary can keep you safe on your run, but sometimes carefully picking your path is the smartest step you can take. While we know that our readers can handle pretty much anything, if all of you go out and get caught in a monsoon or your brain cells burst from the heat, then that's one less twitter follower for us. And we can't have that.

No9 - You Can Train Anywhere

How to Train for Your Next Mud Run in Any Environment

We showed you how to train for mud runs in the city and we also showed you the most expensive places to train. It doesn't matter to us how pricey your training regimen is. What matters to us is that you have one. Whether you are doing a lot with a little or a lot with a lot, we want to help you find the best training for you. Even if you look as dumb as our fearless mud runner above, at least you'll be getting your fitness on.

No. 8 - There are Performance Sneakers for Every Sport

10 Best Sneakers for Unconventional Sports

Whether you are training for badmintonkayaking, or even space travel, it is our mission to find the best shoes for your sport of choice. This year, we helped you step your sneaker game up at every level. We helped you school your family in backyard pigskin and dominate your position on the court ... and, damn, you looked good while doing it. At Sneaker Report, it will continue to be our mission to find you the right shoe for every new sport you get into, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

No. 7 - You Can Train Hard and Still Keep Your Sneakers Clean

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Sneakers Clean

We know that you are going to get your sneakers dirty while training. Sometimes you might get covered from head to toe. Sure, sneakers are practical, but to us they are also a work of art. You have to find a way to balance the rigorous demands of your routine and the aesthetic reasons you bought that pair of dope kicks in the first place. We wouldn't be true to ourselves if we told you that you shouldn't put your sneakers to the test, but how are you going to land the performance gear girl of your dreams, if your kicks are looking a hot mess. Do yourself a favor and keep your sneakers, as well as your mind, out of the gutter.

No. 6 - Technology is Your Friend

10 Lessons Learned Using the Nike Training System
Complete History of Cushioning Technology in Sneakers

Look, we respect those who like to kick it old school, but there is no reason not to use cutting-edge gear. This year we taught you how to run faster, get stronger, and keep track of how you got there. We are not asking you to become a robot, but we are telling you that there are people out there who use their minds to improve your body. Let them do their job. In 2012, we kept up with all the latest technology and told you the ways it could help you train better, faster, and stronger. And sometimes, we even told you ways to use that gear you might never have thought of.

No. 5 - Sometimes You Have to Break It Down

Breaking Down Asics Gel-NOOSA TRI

Just like you, we run into a lot of people that think a sneaker is, well, just a sneaker. We know that it our favorite shoes are so much more than that. Some of our favorite moments at Sneaker Report come when we let the experts get into what makes their shoes unique, those little details that make the final product. In November, we had the opportunity to interview Mark Doherty, The General Manager of Footwear with Asics Australia, and we were once again reminded that there are so many stories behind every shoe. Whether you want to know about style, history, or, or course, performance, Sneaker Report is the spot for in-depth gear knowledge.

No. 4 - Variety is the Spice of Life

10 Things Every Man Should Know Before His First Yoga Class

It is easy to get stuck in a fitness rut. If you spend all that cheddar on cycling gear, then you are going to be inclined to get on that bike and ride. There is great value in switching up your fitness routine, even if you are deeply dedicated to your chosen sport. You might work muscles you never knew you had or add burst and strength to put you at the head of your chosen pack.  So, even if your boys might call you names when you head to that first yoga class, bear in mind who will be the one laughing when you bring that flexible yoga babe back to your place.

No. 3 - There is More to Performance than Just Sneakers

The 10 Best Running Headphones Available Today

Sure, we told you a ton about sneakers this year: it is, you know, in the name of your web site. In 2012, the crew at Sneaker Report was also committed to providing you with knowledge of the best performance gear from head to toe ... from your head phones to your socks. We showed you everything from quirky gears the pros wear to the gear you should be wearing but probably aren't. Sneaker Report has never been here to tell you what gear to wear. Only you can decide that. We are here to show you all the choices, and warn you about decisions that maybe you shouldn't make.

No. 2 - We Can Catch You Up  

10 Skate Shoes You Shouldn't Have Slept on in 2012

Even the most involved performance gear junkie will lose a step from time to time. Maybe you were at your grandma's house without wi-fi when Cam's Trainers dropped. Maybe you and your girl were having .... a talk ... when the CP3.VI launched. No matter what reason you had for getting off of your performance sneaker game, the crew at Sneaker Report is always there to catch you up. So, take your girl out to a movie and go visit grandma; when you get back we'll have all the performance sneaker knowledge you could need.

No. 1 - Good Shoes Last

The 25 Best Soccer Cleats of All Time
100 Best Running Sneakers of All Time 

Sure, we are talking about the fact that good shoes last a long time, but you already knew that. We are also talking about how a good design can endure forever. While fads come and go, a slick, sensible design can be forever. For example, the Copa Mundail has been a top ranked soccer boot for fifteen years and 5 of our top 10 sneakers of all time came out more than 15 years ago. While we love all the new technology that is constantly evolving to make our gear better, the fundamentals that make sneakers great don't change all that often. Good shoes last. All we can do is put you on to the good ones.

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