48. Nike Lunar Racer

Year: 2008

This is the newest entry on this list solely because it feels like one of the few contemporary runners that's likely to see a retro somewhere down the line. There's barely anything to the Nike Lunar Racer — the Flywire framework, almost-transparent upper and startling lack of weight makes it the logical conclusion to plenty that's gone before. Mayfly's hardly-there feel, the colored midsoles of the 'Personal Record' pieces of the late 1980s like the revamped Mariah and Duelist are in there too. Any more resilient Nike running shoe that got a Racing strip-down informed this shoe and Lunarlon foam followed on from Phylon as the new application of choice, superseding Air as the innovation that informs most of what's on the shelves today. Sneaker design became dull for a few years until Lunar arrived.