17. Nike Zoom Presto

Year: 2000

If you think Nike's Alpha Project was a failure, you're an idiot. The Zoom Citizen, Kukini, Seismic and Havens are fascinating creations, but the Presto was the line's real success. The logical step from Bermuda, Sock Racer, Air Flow and Huarache, this stretchy design was ultra comfortable, beautifully branded and incredibly versatile. Sold like athletic clothing, in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large, and in a collection of simple colorways that maintained that apparel theme, it was an early iD option. Woven, velour, leather, neoprene...the simplicity belies the options, and that framework design and toecap application was elegant too. Big in Asia and with a brief boom at street level and at in the trend-level realm, it seemed that this was picked up by the fashionistas before it was ever used for performance, but the intent was there. Bizarrely, Eric Clapton got his own makeup in them around the time of their introduction and Sarah Jessica Parker got her own colorway. No sequel to these — even the mad-looking Presto Clip — came close to this original line. The t-shirt for your feet stays perfect.