25. Nike Waffle Trainer

Year: 1975

You've heard about this one before. The Nike Cortez and Marathon are significant sneakers, but Waffle is an application that really helped mold Nike into what it is today. Bill Bowerman, legendary track coach and the co-founder of Nike, assisted on some classic running shoes in his day for Nike and Tiger before that in the quest for less to strip weight down to the bare minimum. Made from a prototype created by putting rubber into waffle irons — destroying several along the way — this sole unit offered traction solutions and remains a reference point visible on today's Lunar tech runners. That's why they call it the Innovation Kitchen. Waffle was introduced on 1972's Moon Shoe, before going to the Oregon Waffle the following year. 1975's take on the Waffle Training is the most definitive. The colors and materials used didn't hurt either.