28. Nike Air Huarache Light

Year: 1993

Actually, that should read Huarache Light AND Huarache Racer, because bar the road running and racing flat soles, they're very similar indeed. Just as the Pump Fury got a Road takedown into something a little more conventional, the Huarache Light (one of many excellent Huarache running spinoffs) was the sock and framework concept in a more palatable package for the conservative types. But don't get it twisted — it was still a strange and brilliant shoe, with the Racer refusing to tone down in shades of grape. By 1993, the OG Huarache's "Have you hugged your foot today?" slogan had become a mass love-in across brands with pretty much every running shoe on the market ridding the tongue in favor of an ankle embrace, but from the transluscent, liquid-looking lacestays to the lowkey branding, this was a masterpiece.