Bulletproof Shoes?

Complex says: When hip-hop and skateboard culture converged, it was a no-brainer that some poor skate kid was gonna get shot. Luckily for Dante Formosa, he was wearing pro Colin McKay’s signature Havocs from DC Shoes.On July 4, 2004, Dante — 12 years old at the time — was enjoying a Philadelphia fireworks show when shots rang out. “I looked down and saw a hole in my shoe. I took my shoe off. It was all bloody,” Dante told NBC News. “My friend pulled out a bullet.” Apparently DC’s rugged design, meant to protect from grip-tape abuse, slowed the stray bullet. Dante was wounded, but it could have been much worse. “I am happy that our durability can stop a bullet; my next shoe will have Kevlar sides just for that reason,” joked Colin McKay. “Oh, and they will work well for skating, too.” While never intending to produce a shoe that could withstand a blast of lead, DC does build skate shoes tough enough to handle the rigors of skateboarding. “We test our kicks in the most abusive way possible — with a skateboard,” says DC Founder and Chief Brand Officer Ken Block. They can apparently take much more.