A white comedian was fired after a clip surfaced of him using the N-word several times during his stand-up routine on a cruise ship. 

TikTok user Pamela Frilot posted a since-muted video of Rob O’Reilly performing while aboard a Carnival cruise, with the caption, “Get me off this ship!!” 

Frilot later elaborated on what happened during O’Reilly’s set. 

Additional footage shows O’Reilly telling those offended by him to leave, supporting Frilot’s account of what she witnessed. His remarks were evidently met with a rousing ovation from the crowd, which wasn’t allowed to record his set. 

TMZ reported Carnival has cancelled O’Reilly’s remaining performances on its ships and banned him from boarding its vessels going forward. 

The news of O’Reilly getting metaphorically thrown overboard led to people unearthing old tweets that were disrespectful, in poor taste, and flat-out unfunny. 

Carnival replied to the above tweet, writing, “We do not tolerate this language or behavior. The person in question is no longer welcome on Carnival ships and the rest of his scheduled appearances have been cancelled.” The company has not otherwise posted on its feed about the incident or issued a press statement at this time.

O’Reilly’s Twitter account has since been deleted. His YouTube channel contains videos like “Nerdy Comedian Answers Heckler’s Phone, Wins Over Black Crowd,” “If Spider-Man Were Black,” and “Racist Oscars.”