The credits for Euphoria’s Season 2 finale weren’t finished rolling before viewers were already demanding more episodes. There are already plenty of debates and speculation about when new episodes of the HBO hit series will arrive. The network renewed the hit series for a third season in February, so there’s no question that there’s more of the East Highland High School drama to unfold—the question is when? There is a rumor floating around that the show is not returning until 2024, which is a full two years from now, and as much as they love the show, fans aren’t thrilled. That speculation seemingly started after the show’s star Zendaya liked a tweet from a fan that said, “Tomorrow is really the last episode of euphoria until 2024 huh.” 

Fans are responding by estimating how old they will be when the show returns, what stages in their lives they will be in, and some even expressed fear of possibly losing interest if it takes too long to come back. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, two years from now seems like an eternity. But considering all the factors that go into creating the show, it is an appropriate timeline. Even if fans are already ready for more, it’s all up to creator Sam Levinson to decide. He’s the mastermind behind it all, and while he is in charge of writing Season 3, Zendaya and the rest of the cast’s busy schedules will also come into play. 

Other shows, like Atlanta and Insecure, have gone on long hiatuses in-between seasons, yet managed to keep fans engaged and committed in the meantime. While the hunger for more Euphoria is a testament to how riveting the show is and how invested viewers are, both the fans and the creators must find a balance between respecting the creative process and also giving the people what they want before their interest dries up. Take a look at why it may be a long time before we see Rue and her East Highland High School classmates on our TVs again.