The influence of Doom is easy to gloss over nearly 26 years after its release, but nonetheless, it’s difficult to overstate just how much of an impact this game made on the future of PC gaming. It paved the way for first-person shooters before they were even called first-person shooters; rather, any game that was structured around firing your way through bad guys and ghouls simply became known as a “Doom clone,” until the term “first-person shooter” took hold.

It wasn’t just
Doom’s hyper-violent approach that so captivated the millions of people who played it, though. The 3D graphics were ahead of their time, the high-powered arsenal led to hours of entertainment, and the multiplayer mode made sure that you weren’t just playing with yourself, either. Though this gory masterpiece was not without its controversies, including an unfortunate connection to Columbine mastermind Eric Harris, it’s impossible to trace the origins of today’s games without eventually landing upon Doom.