Prince and The Revolution’s Purple Rain album is what drives the film of the same name. Sure, the ultra-campiness and uber-excellence that is a Prince movie is worth the price of admission, but it was the music that drove the narrative, with memorable performances and risque lyrics to boot. “Darling Nikki” is one of the reasons why albums had Parental Advisory stickers on them. The story he weaved into the movie is told in beats throughout these songs...or was it that the songs created the narrative of the movie? Whatever the case may be, this is highkey Prince’s perfect release: not too short, chock full of bangers. And truth be told, non-collectors are only just getting the full collection of work via the remastered, deluxe edition of Purple Rain (including the extended version “Computer Blue”). Prince was created, then he broke the purple mold while singing “Purple Rain.” —khal