When it comes to mob movies, 1972's opus The Godfather is practically untouchable (no pun intended). It wasn't the first movie about the Mafia, but when we think of how a mob movie is supposed to look and feel, we're thinking of The Godfather. The thing is, that was 45 years ago; things change, and new creators emerge. And while we can all agree that The Godfather set the blueprint, some amazing contenders for the best mob movie throne have been released since its debut.

In setting out to properly rank modern mob classics, we had a number of movies we had to sift through. Sadly, that meant setting parameters. They had to be mob-centric, whether that meant the Sicilian Mafia, the Irish Mob, or the Russian Bratva—more precisely, the protagonist had to be involved in the mob in some way, shape, or form. After a number of sit-downs with the heads of the Complex family, we finally agreed on this ultimate look at the best mob movies since The Godfather changed the entire game.