So you’ve seen all of the blockbusters. You can name all of the Avengers, all of the X-Men, hell, even all of the Transformers. But how many independent features have you seen in the past few years. And did you know that a number of them are available to stream on Netflix, right now?

Independent cinema used to be hard to come by. If you didn’t live by an arthouse theater, your best bet was to hope that somehow your local Blockbuster (remember those?) had a copy stocked. And that’s *if* you were even aware of these films, since they weren’t exactly being advertised during the commercial breaks between Friends. Nowadays, it’s much easier to be an indie movie buff, and what a world independent cinema is.

Independent movies today, however, are very different from those of the past. They get a lot more funding, for example; independent film studios like A24, Neon, and IFC have become power players in the independent film scene, and have been able to distribute more films from small directors. Netflix has even gotten in on the game, though they tend to choose quantity over quality. Thankfully, their selection of independent cinema is a lot more impressive than their library of original titles. Here are the best indie movies on Netflix.