After Netflix shared the first eight minutes of Stranger Things Season 4, the streamer has debuted the final trailer for its first volume of episodes.

Stranger Things returns this Friday (May 27), and to build up hype in the home stretch we’ve gotten one last preview. Running just over a minute long, the trailer doesn’t reveal too much but it does show some of the high and low-stakes adventures the kids of Hawkins will get into to this time around. We also get a quick glimpse at Jim Hopper, who has seemingly been transported to Russia following the cataclysmic destruction of Starcourt Mall in Season 3.

The last time new episodes of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix was back in 2019. It’s been quite a while since fans have caught up with the Hawkins gang, and Netflix was kind enough last week to give an extended preview of its premiere episode with a look at its first eight minutes.

The first volume of Season 4 consists of seven episodes, while the second volume arrives on July 1 and consists of just two episodes. These details were recently revealed on Netflix’s Tadum blog, which also showed just how big the new season is going to be. Episodes 1 through 6 will run approximately an hour and 15 minutes each on average, and Episode 7 will run 1 hour 38 minutes. That’s especially long for a TV show, but Volume 2 features the show’s longest episode yet. Episode 9, the finale, will run “almost” 2 hours and 30 minutes. That’s longer than most films.

Those running times certainly put the reported budget of the season into perspective. Sources close to the streaming giant said the “per-episode cost” of Season 4 is as high as $30 million, which would mean the total production budget could be $270 million. That makes it more expensive than a lot of films, too.

Watch the trailer up top.