Out now on Amazon Prime Video is A Man Named Scott, the new documentary on the enigmatic Kid Cudi, directed by Robert Alexander (The Shop), who was initially brought on back in 2019 to helm a project focusing on Cudi’s first album. That turned into a two-year process that found Alexander linking with many notable names in Cudi’s history, those who documented Cudi’s journey, and the Man on the Moon himself, learning as much about the man behind the music as the artist everyone says saved their lives.

“In a song, you only get so much,” Alexander tells Complex about his time spent with Kid Cudi. “To sit and connect with him and ask him to go into so much more depth on his music has been incredible.”

Think of this as an addendum to A Man Named Scott, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Get to know how Alexander took the interviews, archival footage, and new material from the likes of Jaden Smith, Shia LaBeouf, and Willow Smith and created a true homage to the life and spirit of Kid Cudi, as told by Alexander himself.