With A Man Named Scott, out next month via Amazon, director Robert Alexander is giving fans an in-depth exploration of the impact of Kid Cudi’s still-expanding artistry.

The newly released trailer for the doc, which is produced by Complex Networks and Film 45, opens with some words from Cudi’s “Surfin’” collaborator Pharrell about the inherently human act of creativity. Cudi, Pharrell explains, is an artist who does not “adhere to boundaries.” Connecting that approach to his own work, Pharrell continues, “No one can tell us how to express ourselves.”

Alexander’s film is billed as a look at Cudi’s journey “over a decade of creative choices, struggles, and breakthroughs.” In the trailer, we hear from Cudi about his lifelong aim of pursuing work that “calls out to the broken and the lost,” all with an underlying ethos of only making something if it can “help people in some way.”