Ray J seemingly responded on Twitter Wednesday to the rumor surrounding the existence of a second sex tape involving him and Kim Kardashian.

“This needs to stop,” he wrote. “I also have kids.” 

Kanye West claimed in a recent interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked that he picked up a laptop from Ray J containing footage of the “One Wish” singer and Kardashian, and then hand-delivered it to his estranged wife. “Everybody’s like, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’ After I went and got the laptop from Ray J that night, right?,” Kanye said. “I met this man at the airport, then got on the red eye, came back...delivered it to her at 8 a.m. in the morning.” 

West said he gave her the laptop the same week that she was preparing to host Saturday Night Live. “I gave it to her, and she cried when she saw it,” he continued. “You know why she cried when she saw that laptop? It represents how much she’s been used. … It represents how much people didn’t love her, they just saw her as a commodity.” 

A rep for Kim said there was “nothing sexual” on the laptop she received from Kanye, adding that it only had footage taken on a plane headed to Mexico, as well as in a club and at a restaurant on the same trip.

Wack 100 alleged on the Bootleg Kev podcast in September that he was in possession of “part two on the laptop,” describing the footage as “more graphic and better than the first one.” Wack, a former manager of Ray J, said Kanye was the only person who could take it off his hands. 

“I would never give it to anybody but Kanye ’cause it’s the mother of his children,” he explained. “Because it’s Kanye, I probably would give it to Kanye. That’s for him. We can’t put that out there in the world like that. It’d be disrespectful.” 

Kim and Kanye’s attorney Marty Singer issued a statement in response to the alleged existence of a second tape, saying, “The claim that there is an unreleased sex tape is unequivocally false. It is unfortunate that people make these statements to try and get their 15 minutes of fame.”