Olivia O’Brien has confirmed a certain rumor involving Pete Davidson.

Indeed, as revealed on an episode of BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry podcast this week, the two briefly dated back in 2020.

When the topic was broached, as spotted by E! News, O’Brien first asked how the hosts were aware of this at all. When an anonymous DeuxMoi tip was read, seemingly referencing O’Brien in connection with Phoebe Dynevor (to whom Davidson was later connected in the press), O’Brien confirmed it.

“Um, yeah…that’s true,” O’Brien said. “Nice guy.”

Elaborating further, O’Brien commended Davidson for being a “really sweet” person. “He’s hot and he’s really funny,” she said. “He’s a really sweet guy.”

Ultimately, however, the two went their separate ways via text. “He texted me, like, ‘I’m seeing someone else,’” O’Brien said.

See the full interview below. The PD talk comes in around the 33:46 mark.

Of course, Davidson’s more recent headlines-garnering relationshippery has focused on Kim Kardashian. In a Today show interview this month, Kardashian was asked about her and Davidson’s then-recent vacation together.

“I would say the best way to describe it was just really relaxing,” Kardashian said.

This summer, Davidson will be seen in director Halina Reijn’s A24-distributed Bodies Bodies Bodies. Revisit the trailer below.