Nick Cannon revealed a major vulnerability he has when it comes to being intimate.

On Wednesday’s episode of his daytime talk show, the actor hosted a “Man Panel” where he and four of his friends—Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Dr. Ish Major, Chris Distefano, and Rip Michaels—discussed their “biggest insecurities in the bedroom.”

Cannon went first, describing his vulnerability has to do with his body. “I’ve been skinny my whole life, therefore I have never liked to be completely naked. I hide under the covers, as much as I boast about being in shape.”

When asked by Distefano if Cannon “ever Winnie the Poohs it”—a.k.a. wears a shirt but no bottoms—Cannon responded he has “to have some type of clothes, some type of socks.”

Cannon went on to point out that while he and others may have these insecurities in the bedroom, that isn’t at the forefront of a partner’s mind. “But women don’t think about that, I’m pretty sure, because that’s when we’re our most vulnerable, when we’re making love, when we’re tapping in to our sensuality,” Cannon said. “That’s when we are our most open.”

Cannon and Distefano also agreed they both use comedic relief as a coping mechanism when it comes to managing their insecurities. “We do that as comedians, right Chris?” Cannon said. “We’ll go straight for the joke instead of actually sharing how we feel.”

He continued, “I laugh. Like if someone’s giving me bad news, I kinda laugh it off, but that’s that insecurity of not knowing what to do.”