Atlanta and Judas and the Black Messiah star LaKeith Stanfield, who previously received criticism for amplifying what many interpreted as an anti-vaxxer sentiment, has again broached the topic on Instagram.

This time, the Oscar-nominated actor shared a similarly messaged post in which he shared his thoughts on “medical decisions.” Though he didn’t specifically mention the ongoing pandemic in the original post, it was clearly a reference to vaccines.

“Your medical decisions are YOUR BUSINESS,” Stanfield’s post read. “Everybody isn’t entitled to those decisions just because we live in a scary time.” 

Stanfield also responded to a number of ensuing comments, notably confirming in one that—despite sharing such sentiments—he is indeed vaccinated.

In one comment, Stanfield said he thinks there are “balanced measures on both sides.” Another fan pointed out that Stanfield has a platform with a wide reach due to his celebrity, urging the actor to “keep in mind that your actions and decisions will impact more people than the average person.”