Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are expecting their first child together.

During an appearance on his friend Seth MeyersLate Night on Tuesday, Mulaney—who was previously reported to have split from Anna Marie Tendler—reflected on having “packed a lot into” the past year.

“I went to rehab in September, okay?” Mulaney told Meyers’ audience. “I got out in October, I move out of my home from my ex-wife, I host Saturday Night Live on Halloween, I relapse on drugs after the show. Not directly after, I just mean, you know, after.”

From there, Mulaney noted, he took a job with Meyers and “continued using drugs” until Meyers and other friends staged an intervention.

“I went to rehab again, this time for two months,” he said. “I got out in February. I lived in sober living for another month and a half. The insurrection was on January 6. I had nothing to do with that.”

Keeping with that joke, Mulaney continued:

“And it wouldn’t have happened on my watch,” he said. “There was never an insurrection before I went to rehab and have they done it since I got out? They wouldn’t dare.”