Just two months after announcing his engagement to fellow inmate John Graham, Joe Exotic’s wedding with his prison fiancé is off.

The Tiger King ​​​​​​star took to Facebook this week to reveal he’s back together with his ex Seth Posey. Meanwhile, Exotic’s divorce lawyer Autumn Blackledge told TMZ that Graham, whom Joe became romantically involved with earlier this year after meeting him in Texas federal prison, dumped Exotic after being released in March.

Blackledge claims Exotic intends to “continue to have a close with relationship with John’s son and some members of his family” and that he “only has nice things to say about his ex.”

Meanwhile, in the Facebook message posted on Tuesday, Exotic admitted he had only dumped Posey, whom he dated prior to meeting Graham, because he was “young and very handsome” and Joe “didn’t want to end up with another Dillon,” in reference to his estranged husband Dillon Passage.

Exotic revealed the new-again couple “decided to pick up where [they] left off,” describing Posey as “twice the man as the last two in my life.”

The news arrives weeks after Passage filed a prenup in his and Exotic’s divorce case. The couple split in March 2021 after being separated for a year.

“This wasn’t an easy decision to make but Joe and I both understand that this situation isn’t fair to either of us,” Passage wrote at the time.

The Tiger King star was re-sentenced in 2022 to 21 years in prison by a federal judge, over a murder-for-hire conviction involving Carol Baskin. The ruling came months after Exotic informed his supporters that a prostate biopsy had revealed an “aggressive cancer.”