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Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell, former Jeffrey Epstein associate, argue that several counts in her several indictments should be dropped and say she’s in a “similar situation” to Bill Cosby

In a Friday court filing, Maxwell’s lawyers say the 59-year-old accused of recruiting teenage girls for Epstein through the mid-'90s to the mid-'00s, was under a nonprosecution agreement when she was charged. They specifically claim she’s covered by a 2007 NPA between Epstein and Miami federal prosecutors, in which they reportedly agreed not to charge co-conspirators, NBC News reports. 

“The government is trying to renege on its agreement and prosecute Ms. Maxwell over 25 years later for the exact same offenses for which she was granted immunity in the NPA,” the filing reads.

Cosby, earlier this week, was released when Pennsylvania Supreme Court discovered prosecutors allegedly violated his rights after reportedly promising not to charge him. In 2018, he was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. 

Federal prosecutors in New York have previously argued that the NPA doesn’t apply to Maxwell, and have not responded yet to the latest filing. Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all charges and denied all allegations regarding Epstein.