The reporter in the viral video that showed him avoiding a herd of bison while recording at Yellowstone National Park reflected on the moment on its one-year anniversary and talked about how much he’s grown since then.

Deion Broxton became an instant social media meme due to his reaction to seeing bison approach him as he attempted to deliver his report. Now, a year later, Braxton opened up on Twitter on the anniversary to talk about how he had been struggling to get news gigs prior.

“A year later. I get tired of talking about this video. But it’s a reminder of my journey. I couldn’t get a job on TV because of my hood/Baltimore accent,” Braxton shared. “I spent thousands on a speech coach. Fast forward, this week I learned I won an award from the Iowa Broadcast News Association.

This feel-good moment prompted many to congratulate Braxton for his accomplishment and thanked him for making a moment that ended up meaning a lot to some people. Check out some positive messages to Braxton below.