After a long hiatus, Brian Tyree Henry and his Atlanta castmates finally reunited across the pond.

Henry— who plays rapper Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles in the FX series— caught up with James Corden Thursday to discuss filming the show’s upcoming third season in London, what it was like to link up with Donald Glover and other castmates again, and how they’ve kept in contact since the show first aired. 

“It has been absolutely one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve ever had,” Henry said of resuming filming. “You know, we haven’t shot together in almost three years, so all of us have gone and branched off and done our own things, but we’ve always stayed in touch. Like nonstop, we check in on one another. But to finally be back together, and to be back in the shoes of these characters, is just completely— it’s like a weird ‘Twilight Zone’ episode, because you’re like, ‘Do I still remember what Alfred went through?’ You’re just finding it out together.”

Henry added that when they all first linked in 2016, the show’s cast started a group chat to stay up to date with eachother even when they weren’t filming. A recent development in the chat, he said, was co-star LaKeith Stanfield’s jumpsuit at last week’s Oscars

“The jumpsuit that saved the world,” Henry said. “And we just are always on there talking to each other and checking in. In that aspect, it felt like we had never parted.” 

Filming in London, Henry told Corden that his favorite place to be in the city is “inside,” adding that he keeps his mask handy even when indoors.

“I think things are getting back to normal here in London and we’ve been filming everywhere,” Henry said. “All over London, so there’s not a part of London I don’t know. Please don’t quiz me.”

While we still don’t have a premiere date for the hugely anticipated third season, our money is on some time near the end of the year. Fingers crossed.