Bill Cosby is reportedly trying to plan a comedy tour and there’s one definite place he won’t be allowed to perform: New York City’s Comedy Cellar.

The owner of the Greenwich Village club, Noam Dworman, told TMZ that he doesn’t want Cosby in the venue—period. Though the popular club allows comedians to perform all sorts of material that can be a bit controversial, Cosby is prohibited.

Cosby’s rep, Andrew Wyatt, told the outlet that the rejection isn’t stopping the 83-year-old. “That’s one club owner and in the words of the King of R&B Bobby Brown, ‘It’s his prerogative to do what he wants to do.’”

Comedy Cellar has allowed other comedians with sexual misconduct allegations to play the club, however, including Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K., as audiences welcomed their return. But Cosby is a different story, according to Dworman. Cosby was let out of prison at the end of June when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed his sexual assault conviction. Earlier this month, news surfaced that Cosby was preparing a comedy tour just days after his release.

“A number of promoters have called. Comedy club owners have called. People want to see him,” Wyatt told Inside Edition at the time.