Grab your bong and rolling papers as we attempt to recall The Best Stoner Movies of All Time. Stoner movies have made a market of their own beginning in the 1970’s when the original stoner flick hit the big screen. The 1978 pot-loving film Up in Smoke has transitioned from a weeded up memory to a now High Times classic. Have you heard of Cheech and Chong, man? These red-eyed actors paved the way for a steady release of marijuana blockbusters that no hippie could refuse. Not even your mom.

Sure, more brainless blunt smoking comedies have hit the scene since. Just when we thought James Franco couldn’t outshine himself as the quintessential pothead in Pineapple Express, he makes a comeback in the 2013 film This is the End. This apocalyptic 420 style story has constant hilarious energy between a large crew of self-indulgent LA actors. After getting super high, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel hit up an eccentric James Franco house party. Here Seth struggles to merge his old and new friends as the world goes to complete shit. An enormous hell hole swallows most of the party, leaving the survivors to fight over weed, a milky way, and who’s allowed to jizz in Franco’s place.

So what’s new, dude? Hold tight, because as of May 2017 Ice Cube has confirmed production of yet another Friday movie. The fourth in the franchise, titled Last Friday, is in the works for a 2018 release. Bring on the blunts.

Speaking of blazing good series’, Harold & Kumar’s weed trilogy remains a “must smoke and see.”  Just be warned, there’s equally as much 3D penis as there is cannabis in the most recent A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. So if you have the time (because who are you kidding, you have the time), get your munchies ready and watch through these all-time best stoner movies.