To the surprise of no one, the Academy consistently misses the mark when it comes to the breadth of quality cinema released in a year. And while we have a knack for picking the people and projects that will no doubt be getting announced during the Oscars ceremony, it's still frustrating to look back at the best of 2019 and see so many of our favorite films being left without that spotlight.

We know how it can be for some; you spend the weekend leading into the Oscars trying to devour every film available to be seen streamed, but why not relieve that stress, watch what you actually want, then take in any number of these neglected necessities? We're guaranteeing you that one of these 18 films will have something for you—everything from NBA lockout heists and family strife to intergalactic sex romps and riotgrrl bands imploding are here for you to take in. All are flames, and a better representation of where film will be heading in 2020 and beyond.

Here is a look at the best films that got neglected by the 2020 Oscars.

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