Nothing makes a movie quite as memorable as a good ending. Whether they come suddenly or they’re expected, the most satisfying movie endings leave you thinking about what you just watched for a while. Similarly, there’s nothing worse than a good movie with a bad ending. Thankfully, we’re here today to talk about good endings: the best movie endings of all time.

There’s no single way to achieve a great film ending. Some of the best movie endings leave you wanting more, while others wrap everything up in a neat bow. The perfect plot twist can leave everyone in the crowd gasping, or a great soundtrack can end things on a perfect final note. A beautiful final shot or a devastating line of dialogue can really stay with an audience. 

Horror movies have to end with one last good scare. Comedies have to end with one last good joke or payoff to a running gag. Romantic movies have to end… well, they should end romantically, but that doesn’t always happen. Ultimately, what ties together all of the best movie endings is that they exceed expectations. We’re talking about the movie endings that you immediately need to talk to your friends and coworkers about, the ones that prompt immediate discussion of serious issues, the ones that leave you in a puddle of your own joyful or heartbroken.

Without further ado, here are the best movie endings of all time. Spoilers abound, obviously.