While we await more information regarding Atlanta Season 3, we compiled some thoughts on what we might see during Atlanta’s third season, based on comments the creators have made as well as some ideas based on the way the first two seasons have unfolded. Here is a brief collection of our thoughts on what Atlanta Season 3 could look like.

Earn and Van continue to struggle

Earn and Van were basically broken up at the end of Season 2, but they’re still going to co-parent. Considering that Earn’s just headed over to Europe and Van’s moving into her mother’s house with Lottie, that’s going to be very difficult in the beginning. How they manage the task of partially long-distance parenthood and possibly mending their relationship should be a focal point of the season.

More Van-centric stories

Donald’s brother, Stephen Glover, says the new season will explore “a very specific perspective from the Atlanta woman.” With Van being the only female lead on the show, and at least some of the story set to take place in Europe, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more Van-centric adventures play out on screen for the new episodes of Atlanta.

Beef with Clark County

Seeing as Earn tried to get Clark County jammed up to save himself, and that Clark himself has been revealed to be pretty ruthless [Ed note: Remember the ordeal with his engineer?], it’s hard not to see some tension build up between the three.

London adventures

Responding to someone who saw the cast of Atlanta filming outside his house in the Stoke Newington section of London, Stanfield confirmed they were filming in the area. As we know, Atlanta goes in all different directions, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them take on a London-specific adventure, or see their new locale affect them in unexpected ways. 

Appearances from UK rappers

Being that they’re filming at least part of Season 3 in London, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to see Skepta or Stormzy pop out for an episode. The growing popularity of UK drill also leaves the door open for other artists from the area to pull up. 

COVID-19 references

Although Season 3 was likely written before COVID-19 was even a thing, it’s hard to imagine there won’t be a scene with Darius positing an anti-vaxxing conspiracy theory or someone telling Earn to keep his mask on, or even some COVID-19-esque pandemic that would be used to comment on the state of our world today.


In the time since Season 2 went off the air, TikTok (and Triller) have become significant factors in the music biz, with TikTok having helped revitalize or sustain the careers of countless rappers. Seeing the success of Clark County, Earn and Alfred will eventually realize they have to do whatever it takes to get lit, and these days, that could mean making a TikTok song. If Alfred doesn’t wince after seeing his song in a new TikTok challenge, everyone should consider it a missed opportunity. 

A multitude of pop culture references

If you’ve watched Atlanta to date, you know the writers do a good job addressing pop phenomena in one way or another, so whether that’s OnlyFans, NFTs, or scandals like Will and Jada’s “entanglement” conversation or the woman who used Gorilla Glue on her hair, you can probably expect to see it in some way or another.