Tragedy struck on the ​​set of Alec Baldwin’s upcoming Western Rust on Thursday, Oct. 21. Baldwin was rehearsing for a scene at the Bonanza Creek Ranch located outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, when he fired a shot, hitting the film’s director of photography Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza. Hutchins died while being airlifted to a hospital. She was 42. Souza was wounded but was released from a Santa Fe hospital shortly after. 

A spokesperson for the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office said a search warrant had been conducted on the set and that no one had yet been arrested or charged but that the investigation is ongoing. The search warrant affidavit identified Hannah Gutierrez-Reed as the armorer on set who was responsible for ensuring the proper use of prop guns on the set. The tragedy caused a wide range of reactions from Hollywood stars and fans alike, with many expressing sadness over the tragic loss of the cinematographer, while others expressed frustration over the lack of safety and dangerous conditions on Hollywood’s movie sets. 

Baldwin shared a statement expressing his grief, while tributes began to pour in for Hutchins. Her death has inspired petitions and people demanding stricter protocols when it comes to weapons and props on set. The tragic event has raised various questions and concerns from people in the entertainment industry and it has only intensified the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) demands for safer and more suitable work conditions for film crew members. This fatal accident could inspire a change in Hollywood going forward, but it depends on how the investigation unravels. Here’s a breakdown of what happened on the Rust movie set on Oct. 21 and all that has happened since. This story will continue to be updated as it develops.