A Timeline of Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz's Relationship

From their first appearance together in 2021, to their recently announced engagement, here's a complete timeline of Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz's relationship so far.

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Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz are officially engaged after two years of dating. 

The pair were first spotted together as a couple in August 2021, sending the Internet into overdrive with many celebrating their iconic pairing and effortless drip. Since then, the couple have adopted New York as their stomping ground, regularly taking the city’s streets together while boasting matching outfits and PDA alike. 

Previously, Tatum had been married to his Step Up costar Jenna Dewan for around 10 years. The former couple first started dating in 2006, and tied the knot in 2009. They welcomed their daughter, Everly, in 2013, and ultimately filed for divorce six years later in 2019. Likewise, Kravitz married actor Karl Glusman in 2019, but the two separated only two years later in 2021. 

From the start of their rumored relationship to their newly announced engagement, here’s a full timeline of Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz’s relationship. 

Rumors swirl that the two are dating 

Date: January 2021 

Rumors of Tatum and Kravitz’s relationship first began all the way back in January 2021. The pair were working together on Kravitz’s upcoming directorial debut, Pussy Island, sparking rumors of something more. A source denied the relationship to People, saying, “They’re working together on an upcoming project and it’s not true that they’re dating.” 

Tatum and Kravitz make their first public appearance together 

Twitter: @TheAffinityMag

Date: August 2021 

The two were first spotted together as an unofficially official couple on a summer day in New York in August 2021, enjoying a bike ride and coffee date together. The pair packed on some pretty tame PDA with Kravitz wrapping her arms around Tatum throughout their date. A source told E! News that “There’s more than a friendship going on with Channing and Zoë. They are spending a lot of time together and having fun. They are more than just close friends or co-stars. Their relationship has grown into more.” 

Tatum proceeded to follow four Kravitz stan accounts on Instagram. 

The pair have an unofficial debut at the Met Gala 

Date: September 2021 

A month later, Kravitz and Tatum both attended the Met Gala. Although it wasn’t their red carpet debut with the couple entering separately, they were spotted leaving together hand in hand. Further candid photos from the night showed the couple sitting next to each other with Tatum holding Kravitz’s purse. 

The couple pack on the PDA for Halloween month 

Twitter: @AndyVermaut

Date: October 2021 

More paparazzi photos of Tatum and Kravitz canoodling their way through New York sent the Internet into another overdrive. The pair were spotted holding hands while enjoying a cozy autumn date in the city. They also celebrated Halloween together, with a now-deleted Instagram post showing the couple dressed as characters from Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. Kravitz also reposted a picture of fans dressed as her and Tatum for Halloween on her Instagram story. “El Oh El. Yes,” she captioned the image. 

Jason Mamoa shares a photo with Tatum 

Date: February 2022 

There’s no better way to confirm your relationship than having one of your parents post a picture with your new beau on Instagram for everyone to see. In February 2022, Jason Mamoa, Kravitz’s stepdad, posted a picture of him and Tatum posing while on their way to the actress’ Batman premiere. Momoa captioned the photo saying, “SO EXCITED @/channingtatum and I are on our way to see our ZOZO…I’m so proud of you @/zoeisabellakravitz.” 

The couple gush about working together 

Date: July–November 2022 

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in July, Tatum gushed about working with his director-turned-girlfriend, saying, “I’m in awe. She’s doing better than I did on our first movie with Dog. I mean, jeez, we barely survived and she’s just killing.” He also added, “She sees right through a lot of people’s stuff and really, just who they are to her is really simple. She’s one of the more intentional people I’ve ever met in my life.” 

A few months later in November, Kravitz also spoke to GQ on her relationship with Tatum, saying, “He’s just a wonderful human. He makes me laugh, and we both really love art and talking about art and the exploration of why we do what we do. We love to watch a film and break it down and talk about it and challenge each other.” 

Kravitz also spoke about the importance of privacy in their relationship, saying, “You want to keep it sacred and private as long as you can. So that you don’t have to even think about what the world thinks about it.” 

Tatum admits he’s Kravitz’s number one fan 

Date: January 2023 

In a sweet interview with Vanity Fair, Tatum further spoke on his relationship with Kravitz, surprisingly digging deep into his views on love. “Relationships are hard for me, even though I am a bit of a monogamist,” the actor said. “In business, I have no real fear of anything being destroyed. But heart things, when it comes to people I love, I have a really hard time. I end up trying too hard, you know?”  

He also commented on following fan accounts for Kravitz, embracing his Instagram sleuthing by saying, “I have no chill. I was just seeing what she was up to! Also, I didn’t know anyone would know.” Bless his underestimation of the Internet’s eyes. 

The couple have more public appearances together 

Date: September 2023 

After hiding out of sight from the public’s eyes for a few months, Tatum and Kravitz were spotted going out to dinner with Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Cara Delevingne in New York. They later attended a star-studded charity dinner together for the Kering Foundation. 

Tatum and Kravitz celebrate Halloween with a wild couple’s costume 

Date: October 2023 

Over the past weekend, Tatum and Kravitz attended Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party dressed as Rosemary and her baby from the famous 1968 film. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kravitz was wearing a diamond engagement ring. 

The pair announce their engagement 

Date: October 2023 

On Oct.30, People officially released the news that Tatum and Kravitz were engaged after two years of dating. Tatum reportedly proposed to the actress recently, sending the Internet ablaze.

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